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Architect Snowflake

180 - 210 PLN/H

Job ID: #


About the project: Snowflake


Remote / Poland / Warsaw

Job Type:

Full Time


21 mar 2023


Essential of a perfect Architect:

  • Experience in Snowflake technology - min. 1 year, 

  • experience in the implementation of data warehouse min 5 years.

Desirable skills:

  • Design and implementation of data warehouse solutions using Snowflake technology

  • Develop and maintain scalable data models and data warehouse architectures

  • Collaborate with data engineering and analytics teams to design, develop, and maintain ETL processes

  • Developing and maintaining security and access controls for Snowflake to ensure data privacy and security

  • Developing and maintaining best practices for Snowflake administration, optimizing and adjusting performance

  • Keeping up with the latest Snowflake features, tools and technologies and identifying opportunities to use them to improve our data warehousing solutions

Sensible Benefits:

Tell us what is crucial to you and what will truly benefit you. We do not operate on a "fruity Fridays" basis. For us, working remotely is a reality, not a favor. The standard benefits era is about to come to an end, thus we want our people to make decisions.

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